Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project 365: Week 6 Recap

DAY 35: 3Mass by Schmidt Associates with urban art in the foreground on a beautiful fall day.

DAY 36: London fog takes over downtown Indy.

DAY 37: Hello beautiful fall colors.

DAY 38: Second battle wound for Flashdance...I guess he was talking back. Time to get out the needle and thread again. 

DAY 39: Pathetically precious puppy, still in a bit of a drug-induced stupor the night of her spay surgery.

DAY 40: The drugs have worn off and now she's just ornery. Trying to lick stitches = cone of shame.

DAY 41: Anyone else feel like a martini? Ornery day 2. Post-op day 3. These stitches can't heal fast enough.

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